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On this podcast, I combine the science behind how our brains work and why we do what we do. We can get stuck in the rat race of life following all of these ‘cookie cutter’ prescribed ways of how to live and GIRL I am here to break ALL those rules! You’ll get a mix of POWERFUL mindset tools, raw and honest stories of my own journey, and simple action steps to help you REDEFINE how you want to live YOUR life YOUR way so you can move from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to empowered and doing the dang thing! And if I can do it, of freaking course you can too, and I’m here to show you how!


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Hey love! I'm Sonya MacCrimmon.

Welcome! I am so happy you are here! 
I am a Mindset & Behaviour Change Coach.
What does that mean exactly? 
I help ambitious individuals reconnect with their inner child, tackle that inner saboteur, and reframe those limiting beliefs to build a bada$$ new mindset! Working on mindset is such a vital first step to start creating those transformational habit changes to live your life in the most meaningful way to YOU! Building new habits and routines can be really tricky, but have no fear! I've got plenty of evidence-based strategies so you can walk away feeling EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT, and finally STICK to your new habits!

Let's Work Together!

Understanding and working through your mindset blocks to be able to take those BIG leaps of action towards your values is such a game changer. That is what I help all of my clients work through and you can do it, too! To drop those fears running the show and LEAD the meaningful life that you are seeking, it starts right here!

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Client Love:

"Sonya challenged my way of thinking and allowed me to make numerous connections between my past experiences and current habits. With Sonya’s coaching and ongoing support, various links were established throughout the program and a variety of tools best suited to my needs were provided to help me navigate through this discovering of bettering myself. My way of thinking has changed considerably since working with Sonya. Overall, I am more mindful and conscious of my habits and continually having more and more “aha” moments. Sonya’s understanding, knowledge and delivery of the material was perfectly executed and presented and thus, has been nothing short of a wonderful and fulfilling experience (one I wish would never end!)." - Jenn H.

1:1 Coaching

Get individualized guidance & support as you work through the mindset spirals and build strong habits with confidence & ease. This coaching container is like NO other. 

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Group Coaching

Redefine to Realign: This is a 6-Week Program all about redefining who you WANT to be so that you can Realign your daily habits towards your truest self.

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Mini Course

This is a starter mini course to complete at your own pace. It focuses mainly on Mindset Work to tackle those limiting beliefs.

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