Hey, I'm Sonya!

I am a Toronto girl that has brought my extensive background in behaviour analysis into the world of coaching! My personal journey has been a long healing process that has led me to the meaningful life I truly desire and I am excited to help other women transform their lives, too!

What was little Sonya like and what changes happened?

Growing up having so many heavy deep emotions made me feel out of place in the world because I "shouldn't show them" and would tend to retreat inward that created this identity of the "quiet nice girl". I loved to play and get into my imagination. I loved talking about deep topics with people I was comfortable with, but I was also all over the map when it came to managing my emotions. Nonetheless... I got by, fitting in, being an average student, staying small, and just coasting by...

Deep down back then, I was SO nervous to upset anyone, avoiding conflict, trying to please everyone in my life, trying to be 'perfect', unable to say 'no' to anything, and essentially just living my life by other people's rules. On the outside, I did all the 'right' things, but on the inside, I was constantly stuck in my fears.

But it wasn't until I left an emotionally abusive relationship in my early 20s when everything changed. I was putting myself down, not seeing my own worth, and I finally looked in the mirror and realized this is not the life I am meant to live. 

So I decided to choose my own path, travelling to Australia backpacking by myself for one month, going into Behaviour Analysis, and working on my deep inner wounds along the way.

But I still felt pretty lost...

Once I took that first leap of faith of to end my 4-year relationship with an emotionally abusive ex in my early 20s, I had no idea WHO I was and what the heck I even wanted in life. I spent years exploring, failing, learning, falling back into old ways, and continuing to grow.

When I really started getting DEEP into my healing journey, it was 2 years ago. This was when I hit rock bottom of feeling so down on myself, constantly sabotaging every opportunity for growth and then I kept saying, "WHY do I keep doing this to myself?!" or "Pshh, I can't do it anyway" or "it's so hard" or "I just don't have time"... I was seriously spiralling letting my fears run the show and I was super frustrated.

So I started reading lots of self help books. I followed inspiring people on Instagram. I listened to inspiring podcasts. I took courses. I basically guzzled up all the free information I could get my hands on. But I'm going to be completely honest with you, I STILL was stuck and frustrated...

Why? Because I had noooo idea how to actually TAKE action! I saw all the things... I read all the things... I FELT all the things... but I seriously still had no real trust in myself with HOW to DO the things, especially all on my own!

It wasn't until I got my own life coach that everything started to fall into place. I felt supported & understood, held accountable, and my needs were met with guidance while I took baby steps on my own. This brought me closer to deeper trust in myself and the belief that it WAS possible to start shifting out of these old patterns.It doesn't HAVE to be this way... not anymore.

Then I joined a group program, then another, and met the most amazing women all going on a similar journey as me and I felt SO connected to myself and others that I had never felt before. It was sooo empowering.

So all this to say is that I see you. I hear you. I understand what you are feeling. These feelings are so common and you do not need to go on this journey alone.

I know it can get frustrating and you probably ask yourself aaaall the million questions and not too sure where to go...

I am here to tell you that your dream life IS possible. Creating new habits IS doable. Heck, even maintaining these habits is EASY! And you will crush old habits like a no-brainer! 

If you are new here, you are probably thinking how did I get into coaching?

On my own personal journey, I went to therapists, read self-help books, and got a life coach to work through all of my limiting beliefs to really break down where I truly wanted to be in my life. Honestly, doing this inner work and actually processing my emotions and limiting beliefs opened all the possibilities for me. If it wasn't for this type of support and healing, I would not be standing here today!

In addition to the amazing support and accountability I gained through my personal journey, I began to crave deeper connection. For over 5 years, I worked in the field of 1:1 behaviour therapy for kids with Autism. Expanding my knowledge on various strategies in behaviour change has always been at the forefront of my career.

While working as a supervisor in this job, I supervised and guided many staff and families through challenging situations. This part of my job and also going on my own personal development journey really opened my eyes to a different life that I was seeking. That is when I discovered my true passion for coaching on a deeper level.

Fast Forward to 2022...

I have gained so much experience and education throughout the past 10 years constantly learning, growing, and developing new skills. The life that I live today is SO different than what I would have expected, but that is because my conditioned/old self was living in a role that was not mine.

Now, I am living through each challenge with ease and understanding by shifting my mindset, finally setting boundaries WITHOUT guilt, being more vulnerable and honest with myself and others, sticking to routines and positive habits, and I give myself grace on those shitty days where things fall off and that is okay!

This journey isn't over, it is ever evolving, but I have transformed my life into the meaningful and authentic version it was meant to be!

I hope that my story has shown you that anything is possible! You are HERE and on a beautiful path making those changes already!

It has been such an honour to serve many women looking to transform their life to what they truly desire!

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