1:1 Coaching Container

I have an extensive background in behaviour analysis, which brings a very unique take into coaching to guide my clients with evidence-based strategies! I have coached many women who are ready to take that next BIG leap to change their life!

If you are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and feel like your negative thoughts are running the show, then you have come to the right place.

Book now to look inward and get insight on your triggers, break those negative thought spirals, and build a new found understanding of yourself.

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If I can tell you one thing from my healing journey, it was this:

Having proper support, guidance, and accountability was the #1 game changer to uplevel my life.

Flashback to 27-year-old Sonya who was burnt out, constantly stressed, getting frustrated at the tiniest little things, and feeling like she was in the rat race of success = self worth.

I had worked on myself a little bit thinking that I really KNEW what I was doing -- getting all the self help books, chatting to some friends here and there, and sometimes doing my routines. Then I went through SO many different programs, subscriptions, webinars, meditations, journals, courses, and books to dig deeper. You name it, I have tried it. I thought if I just purchased the next best thing, I would be happier/successful/'cured' and have all the answers-- aka get rid of the shit feelings and be 'perfect', but that ain't the truth at all. I missed the key factor: in trying so hard to seek the answers in all these areas, I wasn't even thinking about exploring the answer within myself.

Weeeell... if I looked back at where I was at the time, I had no idea how much my negative thoughts were running the show, which in turn, held me back from actually making serious changes.

I would try to do what those programs/courses mentioned, but did I stay consistent? No. Did I feel like a failure? Yes. Did I try again after? Sometimes, but with less trust in myself. Did I actually try to understand my fears/feelings? Definitely not. Did I fall off again? You bet.

I was aimlessly trying to make changes without even knowing where the heck I wanted to be in life. WHO I really wanted to be and how I wanted to act and how I wanted to truly feel. None of that knowledge was there. I could read all the books about certain topics, but it was never personalized. I never knew WHERE to start for myself so I just jumped at one thing after another hoping it would stick.

 In the end, my personal journey of choosing myself, doing the inner work, and prioritizing my values to make the big changes that I wanted didn't truly come into fruition until I hired a life coach.

I found a coach that I vibed with so well and she was so open and able to hold space for me and my fears. Once I really started to crack open my limiting beliefs from my past (people pleasing, perfectionism, controlling ways, and procrastination to name a few...), THAT is when I started to make shifts in my behaviours. That was when I actually realized WHERE to go from there. I saw my old patterns, I realized that they did NOT serve me, and I decided to create new patterns for myself. But this takes time and dedication and an understanding of where I wanted my future to go.

This is when I started to get into my own coaching journey, build up my education and expertise, and create a framework that is like NO other coaching container. In my coaching framework, I incorporate inner child work along with my scientific education and evidence-based strategies to truly show you the entire scope of changing your life. This isn't just support. This coaching container provides extremely valuable resources ALONG with the support and accountability. Ladies, you are 100% covered here! I got you!

Feelin' ready to tackle those negative thought spirals and make BIG changes for your life?

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Sonya's 1:1 Coaching Program Features:

Three 60-min calls monthly

We will tackle your thought patterns with evidence-based defusion techniques, provide assistance with developing your values/goals, breaking down actionable steps tailored to you, and build an understanding on accepting these thoughts and feelings with various tools.

Telegram Messaging Support

You will receive extensive messaging support (similar to WhatsApp) from Sonya while you expand your healing journey together. Outside of your calls, she will provide ongoing guidance, education, and strategies when needed. Think of it like a coach in your back pocket!

Personal Client Folder

Access to recorded calls and call notes along with all the individualized meditations, worksheets, and journal prompts tailored to you.

Access to all of Sonya's Offers

As Sonya's 1:1 private client, you get FREE access to all of her courses and programs within your time together.

Resource Library & Assessment

This new feature includes psycho-education videos, strategies, and monthly assessments to reflect on your progress with your goals throughout this container.

This is for you if you...

  • Feel stuck/lost or always on autopilot
  • Unsure as to why you react so impulsively/feel triggered to certain situations
  • Get caught in negative thought spirals often
  • Self-sabotage or always put others first
  • Don't follow through on tasks/procrastinate
  • Look to others for external validation
  • Want to connect on a deeper level with yourself
  • Want to overcome your limiting beliefs/triggers
  • Want to have extensive support from a coach who has the expertise and experience been through it

I provide guidance and support on:

  • Breaking down your limiting beliefs
  • Identifying and understanding what your triggers are
  • Building awareness of your thought and behaviour patterns
  • Re-occurring challenging situations and how to process + manage them through defusion techniques
  • How to switch your mindset from overwhelmed/fearful to empowered/abundant
  • Establishing new skills with evidence-based strategies and exercises
  • Evaluating what you truly want to do/be/feel in life paired with your values

Let's Work Together!

If this resonates with you and you are READY to take on a new perspective on life, shift your mindset to make positive changes, and gain amazing techniques to tackle any situation thrown at you, then apply for my 1:1 coaching below!

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What is Sonya's Coaching Framework?

My core coaching framework incorporates 2 key components: (1) inner child work to break down limiting beliefs from your past and (2) Bring awareness to current beliefs and behaviours through Behaviour Analysis and ACT methods. This provides my clients the ability to create a larger understanding of the science and strategies behind making long lasting behaviour changes that are individualized to them.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) and why use it?

ACT aims to increase psychological flexibility, which can be defined as the ability to be in the present moment with full awareness and openness to experiences and to take action guided by one’s values(1).

With my scientific background and certification in ACT methods, I wanted to bring these evidence-based strategies to the forefront of my coaching to help guide my clients on their transformational journey with all the right tools for them to get there! It is called 'Training' in my coaching as I am providing guidance for my clients to implement the strategies independently.

Within my coaching framework, I embody the 3 main components of ACT, which is (1) Do what matters within your values and taking action, (2) Open up through acceptance and defusion techniques, and (3) Bringing awareness to the present moment.

(1) Reference: Hayes SC, Luoma JB, Bond FW, Masuda A, Lillis J: Acceptance and commitment therapy: Model, processes and outcomes. Behav Res Ther. 2006, 44 (1): 1-25. 

At the end of this 1:1 Container, imagine:

  • Responding more mindfully
  • Able to process your emotions with more ease
  • Having a better understanding of WHY you reacted the way you did previously
  • Having a new found acceptance of your past and joy for your future
  • Being more present with your friends and family
  • Feeling more empowered/confident
  • Knowing your values and living by them
  • Being more authentic and in tune with your goals in life
  • Grateful for your experiences and coming out of it with evidence-based strategies tailored to YOU
  • Rebuilding relationships
  • Creating clear boundaries AND have the confidence to stick to them
  • Not constantly living in fear and OWNING your true beauty/worth


"Yes, I would highly recommend Sonya as a coach. She is supportive, knowledgeable, smart, kind and truly listens to what you want to work on. She is always there for you no matter how small or big your question is. She is excellent at breaking down the steps for you to take (love the audio messages she leaves me too on Voxer where she breaks it all down) and never pressures you to do anything you are not comfortable with. She makes you feel empowered and supported to take the first step (which can be very scary at times!) but she is very encouraging throughout the process. It is so easy to open up with Sonya - I pretty much told her my life story from all the sessions we have done so far.  She is non-judgemental and makes it such a safe space for you to share your feelings and thoughts. She pushes you to really think and dig deep in a very comfortable way. Sonya is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her - you will see the changes in your life after being coached by Sonya!"
- Michelle
"Sonya challenged my way of thinking and allowed me to make numerous connections between my past experiences and current habits. With Sonya’s coaching and ongoing support, various links were established throughout the program and a variety of tools best suited to my needs were provided to help me navigate through this discovering of bettering myself. My way of thinking has changed considerably since working with Sonya. Overall, I am more mindful and conscious of my habits and continually having more and more 'aha' moments. Sonya’s understanding, knowledge and delivery of the material was perfectly executed and presented and thus, has been nothing short of a wonderful and fulfilling experience (one I wish would never end!). Sonya genuinely had nothing but your best interest at heart, consistently checks in to see how you’re doing, celebrates every victory (no matter how small), and always provides whatever assistance possible thus ensuring one does nothing but succeed. I HIGHLY recommend Sonya for anyone that may feel stuck in their life, or unsure of how to go about striving for their goals and living your best life."
- Jenn

Payment for Each Coaching Container

1:1 Coaching

3 months

$3333 CAD

1:1 Coaching

6 months

$6666 CAD

*Payment plans are available for each container

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