If you are a beautiful soul that has done all the planning, taken all the courses, read all the self help books to support your healing journey... BUT still feel stuck & unsure WHERE the heck to start?
...then you are in the right place! 
Receive 12 MONTHS of mentorship within this powerful FB community filled with TONS of resources & potent yet simple action steps so that you can go from stuck & self sabotaging to empowered & getting shit done on your OWN terms!
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How many times have you said to yourself:

"I've been doing the work, I SHOULD know how to manage all of this by now"

"I'm frustrated that I keep putting things off... I get all hyped up, start planning & organizing everything... then I don't follow through...why can't I just DO the thing"

"I've tried everything and I still feel like I am not getting to where I want to be... what's wrong with me?"

"I've handled challenging things in the past, why am I still triggered by it? I thought I was past all this & would be better at it by now."

"My life is so busy, I won't have the time to get shit done until things settle down... THEN when it's less chaotic, I'll be more motivated & ready"

"I keep hitting a wall where I am consistent for a bit, then fall off completely where I just question everything and go right back to my old ways...why can't I just keep my shit together for once."

"I have all these emotions and they always take over. I'm overwhelmed, overworked, and just straight up exhausted... how can I ever have time to take care of myself?"

"I want to make changes and go after my goals... but at the same time, I feel paralyzed to even start. Sometimes I just don't think I can do it."

Love, I totally get it. Sometimes you may not believe in your internal ability to navigate external circumstances. I have been there hundreds of times... heck my brain still goes there from time to time, BUT... the difference now is that I don't make those doubts or negative thoughts mean a damn thing about ME.
When I notice these thoughts, there are two things that I remind myself of:

(1) REGARDLESS of my circumstances around me, I am the one that gets to DECIDE how I move forward. It is ME that CHOOSES how I respond to these hurdles & frustrations in life. No external factor or person can make those decisions for me. We tend to BELIEVE that, "IF I just wait until THIS happens, THEN I'll be better/happier/more successful"... but when that circumstance or result does not happen that way, we go right back to feeling defeated and question ourselves all over again. So rather than constantly focusing on the outcome or HOW to get somewhere in a certain time, which are completely out of my control, I make moves because I DESIRE it. I take tiny daily action steps that guide me towards my ultimate big vision, without other's responses or external factors dictating it anymore. I choose and I lead and I make the moves regardless of my circumstances.

(2) These thoughts based in fear are not serving my highest good. If I give in to these thoughts, they will fuel my frustration, which directly feed into old behaviours that do not serve me. So I get to REDEFINE the thoughts & beliefs I lead my life with, which in turn will guide my next actions towards my deepest desires (instead of my fears).

And let me tell you, this path ain't easy... but I'm still able to navigate these tough moments AND take actions towards my values regularly.

So you're probably thinking... ok well HOW!?

Long-term mentorship. 

Over the past 3 years, I have gone through some wild, scary, beautiful, insane, rough, & amazing paths on my healing journey. And the key for me to keep growing, learning, navigating the messy shit, and picking myself back up time and time again... was BECAUSE of the support systems I built and invested in to get to where I am today.

The Redefined Collective is meant to be a space for deep connection & long lasting change through an extensive mentorship. This past year, I have committed to two coaches for an entire year and it has been life changing. The amount of opportunities to expand myself & learn more has evolved each month. The amount of times I have witnessed others speak to their journeys and to know I am not alone every time I show up to that space has drastically supported healing my trauma.

THIS is what I want to create for all of you. Being in this beautiful collective is not just about the powerful resources you'll receive, but you will get to witness yourself & others transform over a WHOLE YEAR together! Work on goals together. Share your wins together. Talk things out together. Hold each other in challenging moments. Take LEAPS together! It truly is a space to be held to a higher standard for yourself. To see YOU for who you ARE. To stretch you beyond your comfort zone & embrace the next level version of you. 

This isn't about the perfect time or the 'right' decision or all the 'what ifs'... this is about dropping all the damn rules & DECIDING to walk through ANY circumstance TOGETHER, no matter how wild, hard or scary it may be... and knowing that we've got your back here in The Redefined Collective. Where you get to REDEFINE the way you live your life, one step at a time, and get guidance along the way... FOR A YEAR! It's truly wild & magical and I am SO excited for you to say YES TO YOU!

If this speaks to your soul & you are friggin READY to take radical responsibility towards your dreams in January 2023, then snag your spot now!
Let's friggin goooo!

The Redefined Collective Features

Resource Library for LIFE!

Receive lifetime access to the library that is FILLED with psycho-educational content to expand your healing, understand yourself deeper, and receive action steps on how to MOVE through each hurdle. 

This is where it all begins. You have a hurdle, this library has a tool! It is a guide, but it is YOU who needs to integrate it. And that is why there are calls & a community to get additional support along the way.

2 Monthly Q&A Calls for A YEAR!

 Receive soul-filling support on tough situations, powerful guidance on your juicy questions, & receive feedback/tools to best support where you're currently at.

Long-term mentorship is the most expansive way to learn, integrate, redefine who you DESIRE to BE, & TAKE the big leaps with someone by your side. You are held with so much love here.

Community Support

This beautiful collective is where you are heard, seen, and understood. Gain new friendships & wisdom & support from others going on a similar path.

Tap into your embodiment of the work AND celebrate it with everyone as you expand into your next level. When each of you share your raw & wonderful truth, it is a ripple effect for others to see it is possible for them too. It's a whole damn vibe!

*PLUS* So many juicy bonuses throughout the year, like pop-up FB Lives, challenges, monthly themes for accountability, & whatever else I feel called to create!

You also get exclusive discounts on my new offers that drop throughout the year. It is the ONE-STOP SHOP for all the best ways to receive support for the REDEFINING powerful moments in your life!

I am here to tell you that you do NOT need to go through aaaall the ups and downs that I did for YEAARRS.


The constant frustration, self-sabotage, putting others first, and overwhelm of figuring out my 'why' over sooo many years does NOT need to be a super long process for you! 


I give you the tools, community, and support in The Redefined Collective so that you can COLLAPSE TIME to crush all your mindset struggles like a boss without the years trying to figure it out! I've got you covered for an entire year together so that you can navigate the messy QUICKER and utilize the rest of the year EXPANDING into your dreamy life you've always desired.πŸ˜‰


Want to move Ms. Fear to the backseat so she ain't driving anymore where she becomes more of a little nuisance that you can totally manage & still crush your day (vs. ruining your entire day... or crashing your car lol)? Well boo, if you're like, F*CK YES I am in the driver seat now, then this badass collective is where it's at!


I cannot wait to share this sacred space with you and guide you through this transformation of a lifetime! 


SO ready for Jan 2023!

Within the resource library, you'll find topics related to:

  • Thought management: different strategies to manage your thoughts
  • Mindset blocks: perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, imposter syndrome, indecisiveness, analysis paralysis, all or nothing thinking, growth vs. fixed mindset, self control, motivation... just to name a few!
  • Inner child healing: shame, judgment, trauma responses, conditioning, who is our inner child, joy, peace, freedom, love
  • Habit Formation: all the details on how habits are formed and ways to build/break habits
  • Mindfulness: various evidence-based practices to tap into the present moment
  • *Extra bonuses from ACT teachings to implement in your every day towards a meaningful & enriched life*
  • *New resources will be created & added into the library as they come up within the Q&A calls*
  • *ALL resources provided will have simple action steps accompanying them so that you can go implement it immediately!*
  • All of these resources will be dripped within the library throughout the year!

Thinking if this collective is the right fit for you? 

This 12-month mentorship is for you if:

  • you desire to expand your knowledge and awareness for what is truly possible for you
  • you are excited to share honestly and connect with a group of like-minded souls on a deeper level
  • you are willing to do the work, participate in the collective wholeheartedly, and take messy action
  • you know that this type of growth takes time and you are in it for the long haul
  • you feel that inner nudge pulling you deeper and deeper into excitement for change
  • you feel scared, but truly know in your gut that you are meant for more
  • you are ready to ditch all the superficial shit, own your badass truth, and step into your ultimate power kicking ass towards your dreams
  • you see where you desire to go, but you feel a bit lost on how to create your path there & willing to take radical responsibility to figure that out 
  • you feel it in your heart that you deserve ALL that you desire and you are done playing small & ready to EXPAND
  • you are done with the BS -no more excuses that you keep telling yourself & you are so ready to take tiny actions towards your goals 


Payment Plan Options

$1555 CAD 

*You save 7-12% when you pay in full for the collective* 

I am ALL in!

$833/m CAD

~$606/m USD


This plan is it!

$444/m CAD 

~$323/m USD

Yes let's do it!

So you might be thinking...

...I don't have enough time to get the best out of this container... Weellll:


(1) You have ALL year with me, boo. All friggin year to tackle everything life throws at you WITH support. We got time!

(2) This space is all about the EASE of support & tiny steps. We keep everything simple, short & sweet, and very actionable so that you can utilize it when you please. Potent & powerful teachings that are quick & efficient to implement. And when you take the tiny steps NOW, it will make your life EASIER down the road. *chef's kiss*

(3) This collective is meant to be a space for when you ARE busy, for when you ARE tackling a lot of big life changes, for when you ARE stressed about a million things... because when you allow yourself to receive the support during the HARDEST times, you will skyrocket your growth & be able to navigate those life events 10x more efficiently. Who wouldn't want that?!

(The research even states that making new changes DURING busy times is actually one of the most appropriate/effective times to create momentum towards your goals!)

The transformations that will unfold within these next 12 months together will expand you, challenge you, inspire you, stretch you, nourish you, fulfill you, and truly allow you to FLOURISH as you navigate all life's curveballs.


πŸŽ‰Let's do this!πŸŽ‰

Ok ok you've got me - I want in!

So who am I anyway?

πŸ“š*Certified Life Coach

πŸŽ“*Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

🧠*Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

🎯*Certified in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT)

🐢🐱*Animal lover

πŸ’…*Self care advocate

🌳*Love the outdoors (manifesting my dream home by the ocean!)

πŸ’ƒ*Rupaul obsessed!

Hi Love!

I'm Sonya, your Mindset & Behaviour Change Coach here to show YOU how to step into your unwavering belief in your abilities to build STRONG & CONSISTENT habits all while crushing your fears with EASE! I break down the HOW so that you can unravel your WHY to become the ultimate fierce badass that you ALREADY are!

πŸŽ‰My motto around here is: Yes, it really gets to be THAT simple to achieve the DREAMY life that you truly desire! It IS 1000% possible!

πŸ™‹‍♀️Ya gurl is obsessed (and certified) in all things behavioural science and coaching so you are getting the MOST UNIQUE coaching out there! I have the scientific background to break down habits to the exact reason why they show up in the way they do for you and the expertise to navigate the mindset surrounding them... in all simple terms for ya! No sciencey jargon here! Making everything EASY and SIMPLE is the name of the game!

πŸ“šTo learn more about my journey and how I got into coaching, be sure to check out my 'About Me' page below!

Learn more about me!

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