Guest Speaking Opportunities

If you are looking for someone to create an open and safe space for your program members or fellow entrepreneurs on your team to build confidence and stronger connection with themselves and their mindset, I can share my Signature presentation on the 5 Steps to Lasting Change, which focuses on mindset work and behaviour change practices.

I also speak on various other topics, such as: how to break down limiting beliefs in your life/business, how to create empowering shifts in your every day to build confidence and positivity, how to break free from thought spirals, managing and releasing emotions, simple every-day mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, and tips and tricks to build/break habits!

All of my methods and specific topics mentioned above are rooted in science along with evidence-based strategies.

My rate will depend on the duration of the speaking event and if you would like additional components added (Q&A, workbook created, etc.). 

Connect with Sonya to get more information.

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