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If you are in the early stages of your journey and want to better understand your inner child and looking deeper into your triggers, then this 4-module mini course is just for you!

The first step I always guide all my clients through is the mindset work before hopping into any strategies to build better habits.

If you jump to strategies without understanding WHY you want to accomplish something, then you are shooting aimlessly my love. There may be external factors influencing your decisions without you even realizing it. And that's why this beautiful course was created!

Within this course, you will break down those layers from your past, get in tune with yourself again, and that will start to open those doors for you to embrace those bigger changes in life!

This training series is POTENT & POWERFUL!

People always ask how I am able to shift through the thought spirals and move through the fears...

How I don't let the BIG things get to me...

My truth & energetic standard is this:

  • who I BE in these moments makes all the difference
  • how I look at these situations is ultimately my CHOICE
  • I am not allowing my thoughts to run the show anymore
  • I do not allow external factors to dictate how I live and embody the things in my life
  • I do not depend on external validation to support myself, my worth, and my abilities
  • my thoughts are ever changing, ever evolving, and also ever fleeting so I don't make them MEAN anything about who I AM as a person
  • I have built a relationship with my brain so that I can co-create my desires alongside it as an ally than an enemy

Now, was work required to get here? Of friggin course. 

And that is EXACTLY what you will be tapping into inside ✨No Drama Vibes✨

Sometimes it's not about DOING more... 

Sometimes it's about going inward and working on your own shit.

Sometimes it's about looking at and healing your relationship with your brain, beliefs, and perspectives. 

And once I did this?

The things that used to feel SO BIG, feel smaller and smaller when I think about what I desire and where I'm headed. 

The 3 Ps & me? It's a ✨No Drama Vibe✨ where we MOVE through the motions, with ease and intention and power.

I am soo excited for you to experience this pure MAGIC that is going to help shift the way you operate through all the drama.

This magic that is moving through your days effortlessly with passion and power and... ✨No Drama vibes.✨

Ready to tap into your highest potential where perfectionism, people pleasing, and procrastination are no longer running the show? Where you have ✨No Drama vibes✨ with these 3 Ps?

YOU get to decide who you BE as you move through the 3 Ps, right here right now.

✨No Drama Vibes Course✨

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$333.00 CAD

Can’t fully grasp your daily habits and not too sure why?? Well we dive deep into why this happens AND how to move through it in this 2-hour masterclass replay!

Understanding the science behind habits can allow you to break down specific reasons WHY you do certain things the way you do. It shifts your perspective and brings awareness to your current behaviour patterns.⁠

Once you understand the science of your habits, you can start to build and break your habits with the 4 foundational steps. There are specific components to each step that will be broken down in detail in this masterclass so you can walk away feeling empowered to switch up your routines with actionable steps and confidence!⁠