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Within this 6-week group coaching program, you will be provided with psycho-education weekly on how to tackle mindset blocks specific to the 3 Ps (Perfectionism, People pleasing, and procrastination), being coached and supported through this process, as well as, building foundational habits so you can live your dreamy life with confidence and ease!

Think about having: less overwhelm, freedom to do what you want when you want, standing up for yourself and feeling f*cking amazing doing it, owning your truth, putting yourself first without the guilt, and setting fierce boundaries like a boss.

You can walk away from these 6 weeks redefining WHO you ultimately want to BE and realign towards that badass higher self with high-level support from an expert coach alongside other beautiful souls going through the same journey.

Within this group coaching program, there will be up to 10 women participating. This is an open and safe space for all women to share their experiences and build a positive and welcoming community. There will be a private group chat where all women can collaborate, discuss their thoughts and habits openly, and share their wins and struggles within the 6 weeks of the program. 

I am here to guide you through these new perspectives, accepting the fears and doing the dang thing anyway, opening up, being present, taking committed action, and in the end, doing what matters most to YOU! You are already taking big steps on your healing journey and I cannot wait to serve you alongside the other amazing women within this program!